Capture the Action at your Corporate Events

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Photos from your events can provide great material for corporate newsletters and websites. And if your company is active in community service, this is a great way to showcase your involvement.

I had a great time shooting the "Minute-to-Win-It" icebreaker at Cendera Funding's recent meeting. The event, held at Cendera Center, was attended by loan officers from around the country. Two of the games were "Bobblehead" and "Junk-in-the-Trunk". In Bobblehead, three randomly selected contestants competed to see who could bobble their head the most in 60 seconds. However, the crowd favorite was "Junk-in-the-Trunk" where the objective was to see who could displace the most ping pong balls from a tissue box strategically strapped to their back.  

I had as much fun watching as I did photographing!  Enjoy a few shots from the event! 


Everyone Needs a Great Headshot... A Day at Cendera Funding

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I recently was selected by Cendera Funding to take headshots at their annual sales rally attended by their loan officers from around the country. Throughout the course of the event I photographed over 60 new and existing LO's. The photo gallery shows some photos from the actual event, a behind the scenes look at my setup, and a couple of examples.  I'd like to share my thoughts on why everyone needs a great headshot and how to work with a photographer to get the desired results.

Our society is more visually oriented now than ever. We look at the pictures of homes for sale, decide what to eat, who to date and who to hire based on photos and the perception they convey to us. Whether you're an individual who needs to put your best look forward on your LinkedIn profile or a corporation that needs headshots for employees, you should hire a professional headshot photographer to make sure you get the best results. But what about the cost? Let's get this out of the way first. If you're going to an interview, you've spent several hundred dollars on clothes, grooming, as well as personal and business accessories to look your best. But before you get to the interview, you have to be selected for it. Like it or not, you can have the best resume or sales proposal, and if you don't look the part in your photo, you will be passed by.

Whether you work with me or another photographer, here are a few suggestions for great results. Look at the photographer's portfolio. What type of portraits does the photographer take? If the primary focus is senior or newborn subjects, that's probably not a good choice. If, on the other hand, the photographer shows strong headshot examples, then make contact and schedule a short 30 minute consultation. During the consultation discuss the look you want and what you want it for, and refer to examples you might like. Of course discuss price, product and delivery method, invoicing, timing, and agreements including service level and licensing. The photographer should provide a quote and for how long the quote is valid. Prior to the shoot, the photographer may want to visit the site if photos are being taken on location. On the day of your shoot be sure to be well rested, on time and look your best!  Most of all have fun!

Cendera Center Behind the scenes. Having fun! Great results!  




A Boy and His Dog

January 03, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I've always found that the best photos I've taken are spontaneous.  I was doing a shoot of Andrew recently when he picked up and held Emily.  While Emily appears to happily steal the show for a second, it captures a moment that just can't be planned!

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